What we do for our Children

HIV Prevention Counseling

We recently paid to have our counselors trained in HIV prevention counseling so that we can help break the cycle and decrease the number of children who lose their parents to this awful pandemic.

Daily Meals

At the core of our work is providing daily meals to the children. For many of these children, a good protein-rich daily meal would not otherwise be a guarantee--can you imagine trying to study in class without having a single good meal a day?

Grief Counseling

Losing one's parents is a tragic experience and our counselors are trained in techniques to help these children make the transition as their parents are dying or to cope with having lost their parents.

Barefoot Social Workers

Barefoot social workers are our eyes and ears on the ground. They are volunteers scattered around the community who have agreed to make sure that children in part of the community are being looked after. These miracle workers ensure that once they become vulnerable or orphaned, they are plugged into our programs

New Stoves

Over the past year we were able to raise money for the new stoves that our counselors needed to cook daily meals for our 250+ kids! Hooray!

Beadwork for Holiday Party

The ladies at Vusimpilo are working to make some extra money to sponsor a holiday party with food and gifts for the kids! Check back about opportunities to purchase some of their work!